Here are some updates about Roseto in the form of a changelog.


13 Mar 2024

Making Roseto greener and faster

Newest update to Roseto’s webpage and Roseto Link includes new ways of fetching and displaying data. This will make the website faster and more reliable.

We managed this by using more caching when building our website, reducing the build time to an average of 30 seconds. This is a 50% improvement from the previous build time.

We also use a new way of caching data from the database, only fetching new data when necessary, such as when a new diploma is issued. This will make /verify faster and more reliable, while also reducing the load on our servers.

All in all, we made strides to using less resources and less compute time, making our servers produce less CO2. We are proud to be a part of the solution to climate change.

26 Jan 2024

Ok, ok, now we really are new!

Following the previous update, we had this coming for a while. We renamed ourselves to ”Roseto Collective”, which is a name that better represents us. We are a collective of people, and we are working on a project called Roseto. We are not a company, we are not a startup, we are not a non-profit, we are a collective.

We also changed our domain to roseto.co [roseto.co(llective), get it?], which is shorter and easier to remember. roseto.space will still work until 15 Aug 2024, but it will redirect to roseto.co.

22 Jan 2024

We revamped our website, welcome!

We are happy to announce that we revamped our website. We really hope you like it!

We incorporated a new design language, evolving off of the previous one, but now everything is bigger and more readable. As you can see, we also added a blog in the form of a changelog, where we will post updates about the project.

And just because we wanted to celebrate, we also started working on 2 new projects: